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The best part about the Bloody Mary is its garnish — you can top this cocktail with almost anything, like bacon, pickles, and even cheeseburger sliders. Served as an aperitivo (a light pre-meal drink), the Aperol Spritz originated in Italy in 1919. While you’d find Europeans enjoying this cocktail with Aperol, bubbly wine, and sparkling water ever since that time, the Aperol Spritz didn’t make it big in the U.S. until the 2010s. But with only three ingredients and a light alcohol content, this easy-to-drink cocktail can now be found at brunches and happy hours around the world.

Hypertension: How just 1 alcohol drink a day may affect blood … – Medical News Today

Hypertension: How just 1 alcohol drink a day may affect blood ….

Posted: Tue, 01 Aug 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Although fermentation produces the presence of alcohol, it can only get us so far. Creating spirits (also known as liquors) requires a step beyond fermentation. Simply put, we all know about the popularity of different types of alcohol, and most of us have enjoyed their magical effects.

Gin and Tonic

Wine is fermented grape juice that usually ranges between 12-15% ABV. Distillation is done using massive stills that slowly boil the alcohol out of the water (alcohol has a lower boiling temperature than water, so it evaporates quicker) and collect it elsewhere. For example, within a fermented brew, water, alcohol, and some trace minerals give the liquid its flavor. https://ecosoberhouse.com/ By separating the alcohol from the water, the alcohol will become much more concentrated. The process for making alcohol is essential to understanding what alcohol is. It is interesting to note that the subtypes summarized in table 2 have been identified through armchair intuition as well as by comparative research and empirical clustering techniques.

But, of course, it’s worth pointing out that alcohol can also be dangerous. Throughout this article, we will explore alcohol from a bartender’s perspective. We will take a look at what alcohol actually is, how it is made, and explore all of the different categories. Marixie Ann Manarang-Obsioma is a licensed Medical Technologist (Medical Laboratory Science) and an undergraduate of Doctor of Medicine (MD). She took her Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology at Angeles University Foundation and graduated with flying colors.

Orange Liqueurs / Triple Sec

If you like getting caught in the rain, then according to the lyrics you will also likely enjoy a pina colada. All kidding aside, this fruity rum drink is made with white rum, dark rum, pineapple juice and Coco Lopez coconut cream. Made with gin, vermouth, Campari and a single orange peel, it lacks any sort of simple syrup to mask the punch of the alcohol’s strong, bitter flavor. Some link it to India where it was prescribed as a medicinal drink. Others place it in Scotland, where bartenders would add a splash of hot water to whiskey for their patrons to help ease the sting of winter. “A real Gimlet is half gin and half Rose’s Lime Juice and nothing else.” This single line from Raymond Chandler’s 1953 novel The Long Goodbye gave birth to the popular cocktail.

Periodic inebriety often takes the form of temporary insanity, in which the drinker’s behavior is characterized by mania, violence, or impulsive criminal behavior. It would seem logical to begin a discussion of the history of typology with E.M. Jellinek’s classic work on the different “species” of alcoholism (1960a, b), which is widely considered to be the first scientific alcoholism typology.

Brewed Types of Alcohol: Wine, Beer and Sake

Distillation concentrates alcohol by separating it from the water and other components of a fermented substance. In general, a distilled alcoholic 5 types of alcoholics beverage will have a higher alcohol proof. This is the rarest and most dangerous type of alcoholism, making up 9.2% of alcoholics.

  • Later the name was applied to highly refined chemical powders and essences and then to spirits produced by distillation and rectification.
  • For example, within a fermented brew, water, alcohol, and some trace minerals give the liquid its flavor.
  • Beer is the least potent alcoholic beverage, with some light beers coming in as low as 2% ABV.
  • These spirits are the foundation for all cocktails and mixed drinks.